Your View: Medical discrimination

REGARDING Rhiannon Koch’s story in the Country Times, 28-11-17, about rosters, workloads, and staffing, saying this isn’t just confined to the Wallaroo Hospital, I totally agree.

There are apparently 64 country hospitals in South Australia and these problems would be occurring at most of them.

As we are aware, Moonta Medical Centre will soon withdraw its doctors from on-call rosters and also the Owen Terrace Medical Practice doctors haven’t been on the roster for a few years. All these doctors don’t have admission rights for their patients.

Apparently if they want to admit a patient, they have to do so by admitting their patient through the on-call doctor on duty that day at the hospital.

The Kadina Medical Centre doctors are to be congratulated for staffing the Wallaroo Hospital and if we didn’t have them we wouldn’t have a hospital.

But the government of the day is responsible for all staffing of public hospitals. How they do it is their responsibility but, I believe, the non-participating doctors are being discriminated against.

It will be interesting to see what Liberals do if they get in. It’s all about money and this state is broke.

Peter Paule, Kadina

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