Your View: Strong leadership

POPULIST politics and an armchair ride by much of the media has played in favour of Nick Xenophon for a long time but South Australians deserve better.

It is time for principled politics, real policies and strong leadership, and for all those wanting to represent this state to be properly scrutinised.

South Australia is in a perilous position and facing one of the most important state elections I’ve seen in my 24 years in parliament.

This is why the community needs to see a strong debate on the policies and plans of all parties and to see party leaders challenged and scrutinised on their plans to rebuild a state with significant challenges.

Our state is suffering from low population growth, young people leaving the state for work, the loss of our manufacturing base, no real plan for future development and the withdrawal of support for regional SA.

The recent Auditor General’s report shows much work is needed to restore a strong economy, create job opportunities and repair our roads, health and education systems.

I’ve watched with interest the possible return of Xenophon to SA politics. This is a politician who was originally elected on a no pokies platform and yet we have more pokies than ever.

He was elected to serve for eight years but quit his term early claiming he could do more for the state if he went into federal politics. Now, after being re-elected to the Senate, he wants to jump back to SA because he claims he can do more here.

South Australians need to know who and what they are really voting for come March.

I would like to see all parties, including my own, hold town hall meetings across metro and rural areas where the media and the community can put us all under appropriate scrutiny, so the community can determine what we really stand for and what we have to offer.

To revitalise this state, we need parties and leaders with a serious, professional political plan.

My experience is SA benefits best from smaller parties in the Upper House that have a strong principled watchdog approach to keep the government of the day focused and honest.

The last thing SA needs right now is wedge politics from a party that gains the balance of power in the Lower House but effectively prevents the government of the day from being able to govern.

Robert Brokenshire
Australian Conservatives MLC

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