Your View: Marriage and renewables

IN response to Kym Bray (YPCT 7-10-17 and 21-10-17). The LGBT community agrees legalising same-sex marriage should have been discussed during the last federal election, and the amount spent on a plebiscite would have been better spent elsewhere.

I think it morally wrong for any higher power — be it God (70 per cent of marriage here is secular) or government — to decide any two consenting adults can or cannot be wed, and obtain the legal rights associated. As society progresses, it advances morally and intelligently. Thus far, the advances in marriage rights have allowed divorce and interracial marriage. Canada introduced same-sex marriage in 2005 and only experienced a boosted economy.

If you voted no because “there are far more important issues that need resolving” then your choice was purely political, and you did not consider the people negatively affected.

As for your suggestion Australia revert to coal, I hope you realise your coastal home will only end up underwater more quickly. The effects on our climate have been predominantly caused by coal, as the temperature has altered in line with the industrial revolution. Yes, a changing climate is natural. But not so quickly and dramatically.

Furthermore, I wish to allay your fears about current abilities of renewables. Iceland (population 329,100) meets its yearly electricity target with hydro, geothermal, solar and wind. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany (population 1.65 million) produces more than 100 per cent of its target through wind, solar and other renewables. You say China is returning to coal, yet China is the world’s leading renewable energy producer.

I ask you look to the youth in both of these cases. These choices will create a long-lasting impact on the entire world, and therefore should be decided on the basis of fact and the moral high ground.

Rebecca Koch, Kadina

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