Your View: Made to feel unwelcome

MY partner and I visited Moonta Mines on Friday, November 17.

His mother lived there until her father died of tuberculosis and my partner was interested to see where she might have lived, et cetera.

We had acquired a map of the mines area from the information centre and stopped the car just past the two churches in the area of Karkarilla Road to consult the map.

A white car pulled up alongside and I could see a female gesticulating so I got out to see what the problem was only to receive a mouthful of abuse about stopping, seemingly in her way.

I said, “Welcome to Moonta,” but before I could apologise she told us to “F*** off back to Victoria!”

We come from Renmark but if this is how tourists are spoken to, we will not be coming back.

Norma Webb, Renmark

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