Your View: Safety first

ON Monday night, October 30, Fraser Ellis, the Liberal candidate for Narungga, held an informative meeting to discuss problems of health at the Wallaroo Hospital.

It was disappointing to see it was mainly elderly people present and I didn’t notice many, if any, of the younger generation present. Unfortunately, the young think they are infallible and don’t realise they are not.

Dr Graham Morris described the many problems at the Wallaroo Hospital, which apply to all 64 of the state’s country hospitals. One thing that stood out is the amount of code blacks now occurring at the Wallaroo Hospital. To me, this points to the need of a security guard.

In Saturday’s The Advertiser (4-11-17) there was a story about all health ministers of Australia meeting to introduce Gayle’s Law for the safety of remote and rural areas.  I hope if the Liberals get in at the next state election, they will put security guards on country hospitals’ A. and E. departments.

Labor certainly couldn’t give a damn about safety, just wait and see what they do about Gayle’s Law.

Drugs are rife around the state and security is paramount for the safety of our nurses. It costs money, will it be spent by any party running the state?

A very informative meeting, thanks for putting it on Fraser.

P J Paule, Kadina

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