Your View: Council spending priorities

THE Copper Coast Council has granted the Kadina Hockey Club $600,000 funding in the form of a 15-year loan (for $300,000) and money allocated from sale of land in Moonta (YPCT 24-10-17).

This was announced in the same week council told the residents and ratepayers it could not afford to keep Splash Town open for more hours as it would cost an additional $1 per rate- payer or $15,000 per year, based on there being about 14,000 ratepayers.

The big risks in committing these monies are the hockey club will fold before the duration of the loan is complete, and the proposed land sale is prompt and the full amount expected is achieved. This would create yet another $600,000 black hole.

I am sure the Moonta community would rather spend $15,000 per year from the sale of land in Moonta on Splash Town than all of the $300,000 on a single sports ground in Kadina.

As far as Councillor Bruce Schmidt’s comments are concerned, he should realise there is a big difference between what we all want and what we can afford. I would love a new top-of-the-range Jaguar but I would be lucky to lay my hand on an old secondhand Holden.

John Powell, Moonta Mines

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