Your View: More important issues

WHILE I have an open mind on the same-sex marriage issue, I voted no because I believe there are far more important issues that need resolving.

Firstly, hiking the pension age will cost the Turnbull government very dearly. The government says it has to claw back money. Why not halve the $50billion tax handout to businesses and reduce the $13.2billion on foreign aid to 25 per cent, $3.3billion? Then there will be money aplenty to look after baby boomers about to retire. We can look after everybody else, but we refuse to look after our own. The Turnbull government has a hostile upper house to contend with, and is just holding onto power. I am nearly 65, and I vote. Guess who will not be getting my vote next federal election, which may be closer than one thinks?

Secondly, our power problems need urgent fixing, particularly in base-load power, whether it be nuclear, geothermal, or coal. Renewables, solar and wind, are too fickle. Most, if not all, of this state’s troubles stem from the clown show of talking heads on North Terrace hellbent on appeasing the supreme god of green madness. Other countries are going back to basics, particularly Japan and Germany, which are embracing coal power.

Thirdly, the treatment handed out to gun owners is inexcusable. We did not have a significant gun problem, until “Johnny come lately” stuck his nose in. Controls were needed on certain guns, but not what we finished up with.  Time for a re-think.

Fourthly, if the yes vote prevails, will they stop there? If they get an inch, will they want to take a mile?

Fifthly, why was this not dealt with in conjunction with the last federal election?

These issues are why I voted no, and politics played no part.

Kym Bray, Port Victoria

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