Your View: Misleading statements

A WRITER in his letter (YPCT 10-10-17) complained about others making misleading statements about religion but I believe he himself has done exactly the same thing in his rushed overview of a couple of verses in the Bible.

It is obvious to me he has skimmed through and taken, out of context, an Old Testament verse here and there to attack the credibility of the Bible as the source of our Christian morality.

God gave mankind laws to live by which are based on the Ten Commandments. These laws can be summarised as, firstly: Love the Lord above all things; and secondly; Love your fellow man as yourself i.e. treat others as you would have them treat you.

This would most certainly rule out slavery.

In a world full of sin, in all ages, slavery has been rife in many forms, but God’s message to his people the Israelites in Exodus 21 was not to condone slavery but to treat their servants with respect, dignity and compassion.

The writer would also have us believe that Deuteronomy 13 suggest we should kill anyone who tries to convert us.

This is clearly not the case.

The message to the people of Israel here was the Living God would not allow them to be enticed by false teachers to wantonly worship idols of their own making or imagination.

This was extreme wickedness flying in the face of God who had just showed His great power in bringing them out of slavery in Egypt, and, by remarkable miracles, kept them safe and was leading them to their new homeland.

God also showed His righteous contempt for those Israelites who worshipped a golden calf which they had made.

Many people today are no different to those wayward Israelites in Moses’ time, in that they have moved away from God’s perfect laws which He made for the good of humanity, both in their interaction with God and their fellow man.

That is why the world is in such turmoil and becoming increasingly so.

Peter Schulz, Sandilands

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