Your View: Time for renewables

NOW the cat is out of the bag about renewables forcing down energy costs to the consumer, the coal lobby is going into hyper-frenzy. Competition, such as in South Australia, is something they fear. Why? Well, they lose their monopoly, their control over our wallets and purses, simple.

Figures on pollution and its effects are well documented. The World Health Organisation has been doing this for years. In all, 25 per cent of people on this planet die premature deaths because of airborne pollutants, of which coal accounts for three million annually.

Fossil fuels are becoming a thing of the past. The latest trucks from Japan are electric, battery technology is leaping ahead due to demand, the old world of digging it up for free; fracking it, cracking it, blowing it apart, is waning.

The new world of ultra clean, cheap energy, along with new employment opportunities, is arriving like an express train, an electric one that is.

The real fossils are those who cling to dirty coal, under the illusion it will be cheaper (never whilst it’s privately owned), when they could embrace the sun, in all its stupendous, untapped glory.

Chris Hunter, Moonta

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