Your View: Simms Cove seawall

IN the last edition of YP Country Times (17-10-17), misleading statements were made regarding the proposed seawall at Simms Cove.

About eight metres of Copper Coast Council land is proposed to be revocated to the owners of adjacent land to enable them to construct the wall from high density rock. In doing so, public risk will be transferred from council to the landowners.

This narrow strip will not interfere with users of the beach as the sea only reaches this height during severe storms and king tides. On these occasions access via the public stairs is not possible anyway.

All rock used in other seawalls between Simms Cove and Moonta Bay has been delivered over the cliff, not brought along the beach as claimed. Can you imagine the disruption to all beach users, when one dump truck makes 150 trips along the full length of the beach?

The Simms Cove cliff adjacent to the carpark has been chosen because the cliff height at this point is only 4.5 metres and will cause minimal disruption to beach users.

Our seawall has been designed by the leading SA coastal engineer with 38 years’ experience, and seeks to comply with CCC’s Port Hughes Cliff Top Seawall Policy.

Due to its location, erosion from the end wall effects has been documented by our engineers as minimal. As our beautiful cliffs were severely undermined in the 2016 storms, and are likely to collapse with one more similar event, to do nothing would be environmental vandalism.

All landowners will be formally required to maintain the upper section of the cliff and their section of the wall.

The cost of the seawall will be borne by the owners with public risk insurance held by them.

Our pristine beach along Simms Cove, which is enjoyed by locals and visitors, will remain just that.

Del Billingsley, Simms Cove Seawall Project, Adelaide

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