Your View: Marriage based on the Bible

THE laws of the western world were based upon the principles of law as recorded in the Bible.

Whether an individual believes the Bible or not, the laws of Australia are based on the principles of the law of God as revealed in the Bible, particularly the 10 Commandments. Marriage in the western world has been based on the Bible which is why it has been taken for granted for centuries marriage is between a man and a woman who commit themselves to each other for life.

As people began to reject the Bible and its moral code of conduct, marriage has been undermined so people who do not believe the Bible have dismissed marriage and allowed for things like de-facto relationships.

It is amazing those who profess to not believe the Bible and do not want to accept Biblical marriage now suddenly want to promote marriage for same-sex relationships. The religion of unbelief wants a Christian marriage status for same-sex relationships but would reject the source that defines marriage.

The Christian is accused of having a belief, but the person who rejects the Bible also has a belief system. The people advocating same-sex marriage would impose their belief system onto others and will use the law to remove the freedom that allows people to express their belief in true marriage whether they are Christian or otherwise. Not only that, but the children will be indoctrinated with this nonsense they can choose their gender, and same-sex marriage is just as legitimate as true marriage, through programs like Safe Schools.

This proposal to redefine marriage is an attempt by activists to actually destroy the meaning of marriage and make it genderless and meaningless. It is very much like the Marxist agenda used in places like Russia after the 1917 communist revolution. Is that what people want for the next generation?

Please vote no.

Malcolm Eglinton, Maitland

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    KT Thursday, 05 October 2017 14:30

    Malcolm, your talk of "people advocating same-sex marriage" imposing their belief system and removing freedom is quite odd, given that currently those that are against marriage equality, including yourself, are doing exactly that.
    What you also fail to recognise is the many many LGBTIQ people who are also Christians - these 2 communities are not at opposite ends of the poles.
    The notion of same-sex marriage and Safe Schools being linked is ridiculous and has been debunked by a review from 3 Education Professors. Please do some research on what Safe Schools actually is, particularly in SA, before using words such as 'indoctrinated' when speaking of it.
    It is your absolute right to vote (or rather, tick a box in a poll) no, but please do it based on factual information, rather than trying to disseminate fallacies in an attempt to convince others.