Your View: Gamble responsibly advertisements

I FIND it very interesting the new round of gamble responsibly ads almost make we want to take up gambling, responsibly of course!

There have been $1.9billion dollars donated from gambling to the health system of our beloved country, a stat well worth advertising.

Of course, it does make one think perhaps we should change the advertising campaign for road safety.

After all, they are creating more and more jobs in health by their actions. Another stat we should be proud of, not.

The government cut of our gambling is $1.9 billion? It beggars belief and I cannot comprehend how much money was gambled in that same time period to give the government that amount of money.

Shame on us for such a waste of money when some have so little and we have wasted so much.

Perhaps we should change the theme to advertise responsibly.

Julie Searle, Port Vincent

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