Your View: Climate change

REGARDING the closing of coal-fired power stations in the interest of climate change. Can we look at our experts’ past predictions and see how they fared?

In the early 1970s, it was said we had reached peak oil production and the end of fossil fuel was in sight. GMH and Ford stopped producing V8 engines for their cars and a small amount of panic was evident. Today, 45 years later, because of a worldwide glut of oil, the price of crude is governed by major producers controlling supply.

In the early 1980s there was a severe drought. Professor Tim Flannery predicted the rain in the future would not be as wet as in the past, and Sydney and Adelaide would run out of water. Another professor was heard saying we may have to farm kangaroos because cattle fart too much and pollute the air.

Shortly after Queensland had record floods, the Cooper flooded into Lake Eyre and all our reservoirs were topped up. We are still farming cattle, helping to feed the multitudes.

Then came the millennium bug. Predictions were the stock exchange would crash, aeroplanes would fall out of the sky, trains would crash and so on. And what occurred? Practically nothing!

Still we are encouraged to believe climate change, which has been occurring forever, is all man made. For God’s sake leave our coal-fired power stations alone until we can sensibly and economically make a change without penalising our population with the ever-increasing price of electricity.

If our experts believe we can stop a naturally occurring event, climate change, they are dreaming.

Malcolm Sparks, Jamestown

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