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I applaud the state government in finally fixing this intersection but I am deeply concerned that the best they can do is widen the road through Pt Wakefield. This bottleneck partial solution could only be topped by making it one way part of the time.

Having been traveling between Adelaide and Port Vincent almost on a monthly basis for the past 15 years shows me that the York Peninsula intersection is only half the problem. Taking a divided road traveling at 110kph and slowing it to 50kph (or stopping whilst a convoy of caravans turns into the service stations) is another major issue that must be resolved.

I implore the government to not be so short sighted and do the job properly the first time. Bypass Pt Wakefield. If people wish to stop they will pull in. Dublin is thriving (good fruit and veg and butcher) and Lower Light has cheap petrol.

Please do not make another Southern Expressway mistake.